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My hats collection

My fulltime job

With my partner in crime Adlene we are on a mission to change the clean energy game paradigm.

After 10 years watching "deep tech" startups living on grants and 3D renders, and legacy players stacking patents to slowdown the shift, we decided that it's time to disrupt this happy world for a better world

Where my money goes

Brandizer provides superpowers to community driven startups. From software (through the studio) to hardware (through the lab) we believe that unicorns can exist with minimal dilution and bootstrapping a choice.

* Since 2020 all my investments go through Brandizer, no deck needed, come and talk to us!

Where my sparetime goes

StartupAlgerie was created on a sunny summer day of 2015 (literally in 24h). I was frustrated to find so few resources online about Algerian startups, so I launched this little interview blog to promote local entrepreneurs.
6 years later, and with the help of a kickass team, it's somehow the Algerian Techcrunch today, providing guidance, promo and services for free to the ecosystem.
It's somehow my way to pay it forward...

Spreading my "wisdom"

No paid Speaking gig accepted (not a stand-up comedian), I'll be happy to go on stage for your event if you are: An underdog, an NGO or sponsoring a charity I do support.

For consulting/advisory, I'm a Ronin -unlike entrepreneurship where i'm a Ninja- if I respect you, I'll put sword at your service, you can be Amazon, Danaher or two guys in a garage, just make it worth my time and challenge my intelligence :)